Virtual Financial (VF) is an independent financial services marketing organization that offers a powerful proprietary virtual business & success system that empowers individuals to be able build a business that can help them achieve all of their family's goals and dreams. This proprietary virtual model is very attractive to new and emerging entrepreneurs, as well as experienced financial services professionals, who want to take full advantage of our experienced leadership, world-class support, and our leading-edge virtual business.


We invite you to check out the four links below to learn more about Virtual Financial Group and become one of our partners today.


  • Attention Entrepreneurs: We invite you to watch a five-minute video that will view a revolutionary virtual business system. Don't waste anymore time, money or resources. You can get paid twice a week and we offer one of the highest commission programs in the financial services industry. Click HERE to view more information.
  • LIFE INSURANCE WITH LIVING BENEFITS: Once the "New Insurance" with Living Benefits is understood completely, it is easy to see why Traditional Life Insurance will soon become obsolete.  t's important to understand how to establish a maintain continuous income. Click HERE to view the website and read it for yourself.
  • DIVERSIFY THE SERVICES YOUR OFFER YOUR CLIENTS: It's not difficult to understand there is a need today for multiple streams of income and becoming a part of our Virtual Financial Services Group will allow you to build strong alliances, offer revolutionary insurance products and get revolutionary marketing and support. Click HERE to learn more about how your company can provide additional services to your current clients.
  • LEARN ABOUT THE SHORTFALLS OF 401k PENSION PLANS: It's important that those who have 401K pension plans know about individual universal life and the options it can offer them financially. There's tremendous growth potential, flexibility of contributions and distributions and so much more. Click HERE to learn about the shortfalls of 401K Pension Plans and the starting strengths of IULs.


Should you have a question about any of the information contact on the websites linked above, please don't hesitate to contact us and let's sit down to figure everything out.

Understanding Wealth:

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." - Epicetetus