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James Brown Financial Services, Inc. offers seven key areas of information that will assist an individual, loved one and family understand the importance of managing finances and preparing for the future. Those seven main focus areas are:


  • Spend Down Protection: Make sure if you ever have to go into a nursing home or assist someone with getting into one that they have protection against spending down their money.
  • Guaranteed Income: It's important to understand how to establish a maintain continuous income.  There are three strategies outlined herein to assist you with this process.
  • Save on Taxes: The only way to save on taxes is to be informed about the various processes that can assist you in knowing how to use every opportunity provided by the IRS to save money on taxes.
  • Probate Protection: One of the most challenging things facing those who have to bury a loved one is seeing everything go into probate court. Let James Brown Financial Services, Inc. walk you through understanding how to prevent your assets from going into probate.
  • Leave a Legacy: One of our biggest tasks as human beings who care about those we love after we transition is making sure we leave a legacy that honors them and all that they mean to us.
  • Useful Financial Tools: We have identified a few websites that will assist you improving your financial well-being and portfolio. You can't get to the top without using some of the same tools that others have developed.
  • Life for the Living: One of the tools we have at our disposal that can help us tremendously is learning as much as we can about Life Insurance and how it can help us and those we leaven behind.


Once you have gained a full understanding of your options as you grow older, move towards retirement and begin planning for leaving a legacy; you'll feel much better knowing that you can live life on your own terms and financial options.

Understanding Wealth:

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." - Epicetetus