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Here are our five commitments to you:


  • No matter where you are in your financial journey, James Brown Financial Services will impart knowledge with actionable understanding that will benefit you.


  • If you have more monthly expenses than income, James Brown Financial Services will work with you to reverse that situation.


  • If your monthly income is more than your expenses, James Brown Financial Services will work with you to start building secure growth, wealth and working towards previously unheard of tax-free retirement with minimum adjustment to your finances and lifestyle.


  • If you are close to retirement, looking to retire shortly or already retired, James Brown Financial Services will show you how to make your retirement better.


  • Understand that your age, health, mindset, financial attitude and aptitude, total income along with your willingness to listen and make minimum adjustments in your mindset and overall life style will not determine if the above will work for you, but how well it will work for you.


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4 Financial Axions

1. Here's what you should know, the money you have available from employment, owning a business, investments or otherwise should be put to work for you in the best financial vehicle possible. You should spend what you made from the money you have put to work and continue to do that.


2. Know and understand Investment Rule of 72



Always divide whatever annual interest you are receiving on your financial vehicle into 72. This is the number of years it will take for your money to double. Example: You have $10K to fund a financial vehicle and you are looking at the following financial vehicles:


CD: interest max 2% divided into 72 = 36yrs. In 36 yrs you will have $20K


Mutual Funds: avg. 4% divided into 72 = 18yrs. In 18 yrs you will have $20k and in 36yrs you will have $40k.


401K, 403b and Employment Retirement, Etc.: avg. 6% divided into 72 = 12 yrs in 12 yrs you will have $20k and in 36 yrs you will have $80k.


Brown will show you several financial vehicles you will average approximately 8% divided into 72 = 9 yrs. In nine years, you will have $20K, and in 36 years you will have $160K. Based on the investment rule of 72 where would you put your money?


3. Put your money in a vehicle with a guaranteed "no loss" year to year. For example, if you had $100K in a 401K, 403b Employment Retirement, Etc. and you had a 50% loss one year, you would have only $50K and the next year your gain was 50%, how much would you have then? $75K or back to $100K? You would only have $75K, because you had a 50% gain on $50K. I will show you vehicles that will give you the guaranteed "no loss" from year to year.


4. If possible, put your money where you will have access to it if and when you need it, you can get it without penalty or possibly taxation. For example, when you take your money out for retirement or whatever, you possibly pay no taxes. Brown has such vehicles available.



Please note, James Brown Financial Services will never touch or have access to you money. Your money goes directly to the long established, very reputable financial institutions that we have developed a working relationship with.