About JB Financial Services

Unbelievable Value

James Brown Financial Services, Inc. was founded by James Brown who was introduced to the financial services industry by a long time friend, business associate, and mentor Steve Bishop. Bishop who has been in the insurance and financial services industries for 40+ years. Having attended Syracuse University and majoring in business administration and accounting, Brown accumulated vast financial experience and knowledge working for a number of public and private organizations, including:


  • IBM - Account Administration
  • Carrier Corporation - Handled Daily Account Receivables
  • City of Syracuse - Administered the City Business Grant Program
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) - Administered the Small Business Administration's Minority Enterprise Program, assisting individuals with business set up, funding and day to day operation.
  • Commercial Construction Company - Managed projects responsible for the installation of all the steel in several MARTA stations, Georgia Pacific Building in City of Atlanta and waste water treatment plants all over the country.
  • Residential Construction - Worked with developers to build out several residential sub divisions: contract builder for several sub divisions like Water's Edge in Stone Mt. And New Lake sub division off Old National Highway. in Riverdale.


In addition, Brown has had many years of experience working with private firms such as commercial and residential development and construction companies. Having such in-depth business expertise, Brown has successfully helped many individuals develop businesses and increase their financial awareness.


In 2003 Brown realized that the financial services industry was constantly changing and to meet the needs of many, James Brown Financial Services, Inc. was born. With lifelong dedication Brown's utmost desire was to meet and exceed his client's expectations. The priority was to ensure each client protects, preserves, and grows their assets utilizing the most tax-efficient methods possible.


Brown has been married to his lovely wife Shirley for 14 years. Together they have five children and four grandchildren. A few interests of Brown include enjoying sports, reading, plays, and travel. However, Brown gets the most satisfaction from helping others reach their financial goals.

Understanding Financial Freedom:

"One of the important things about understanding the value and usefulness of money is gaining financial literacy to make the money you work for turn around for work for you." - James Brown